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Art - Martin Quigley
On the Far Shore
The light, almost phosphorous at times, never stays still. The clouds bundle up on the horizon and billow into strong suggestive shapes. I work fast, making drawings and taking colour notes that will sustain my studio work later. The grain of the Saunders paper accentuates the textural qualities of this landscape.

Size: 30 - 23 inches

Price: 3175 Euro plus P+P

September Sky - Lough Corrib

Dawn and dusk on Corrib are spectacular, whatever the weather. This painting captures the atmosphere just after on an October morning. The clouds are boisterous, gathering for rain. The rocks and the land are silhouetted against the crisp morning light.

Size: 28 - 21 inches

Price: 3175 Euro plus P+P

Sloping Ground - Gortinty Lake
Working with a rich, but limited palette, of yellows, blues and ochre's, I emphasised the undulating contours of the fields on the far shore

Size: 10 - 7 inches

Price: 535 Euro plus P+P

The Other Side
Inspiration from one instant in time. I try to embrace the feeling. When I make a painting a sense of time and place is important to me. If, for whatever reason, I cannot capture those essential qualities in a work, I bin it. I'm happier that way.

Size: 8.5 - 10 inches.

Price: 535 Euro plus P+P

Wish You Were Here
In the film, 'A River Runs through It', Norman MacLean wrote. ''Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the worlds great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless rain drops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.'' Me too.

Size: 14 -19 inches

Price: 535 Euro plus P+P

Biography / Contact Details:
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Martin Quigley studied fine art at the Colleges of art Cork, and Limerick. He also studied art at the University of Ulster Belfast where he was awarded a Master of Philosophy degree in public art. M.Phil. (1994.) His art to-day explores the diverse forms of his native rivers, lakes and mountains. In his work he investigates textures and colour always emphasising the ever changing tonality and the atmospheres of the places he visits. His paintings and drawings are fluid and expressive.

The award winning writer Michael Coady said of his work ''Martin Quigley makes paintings that one could happily co-habit with, run away with, and set up house.'' Dr John Ennis said, ''His is an original Celtic love of colour.''

Martin Quigley's work is in several national and international, public and private, collections, including, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. St Marys University, Halifax Nova Scotia. The Bank of Montreal. Allied Irish Bank. Trustee Savings Bank. Boston Scientific International. Tipperary S.R. Municipal Collection. He has held ten one man exhibitions, and has participated in over forty others. He has won several prestigious awards.


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